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Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday        8:00 am
5:30 pm

Sunday          8:00 am
                      11:00 am

Daily Mass Celebrations
Tuesday        9:30 am

Wednesday   8:15 am

Thursday      12:05 pm


Christine Crawford, Claiborne Donaldson Davis, Katherine Terry, Daniel Yates (9/28) Lindsey Brandon, Claudia Harris, Evelyn Malone, Joseph McLaurin, Jr., Taylor Pierce, Emma Williams (9/29) Shirley Jones-Chambers, Sheena Lacy, Booker Mayfield, James White, (9/30) Tujuawna Chambers, Alicia Mott, Lockey Sweet (10/1) Nemiah Wayne (10/2) Vicky Johnson, Rita Kendrick, Sandra Whitelow (10/3)


Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Linda Harris (9/30)
Mr. & Mrs. Willie and Betty Cummings (10/2)

Pray For Us

Convalescent/Nursing Homes/Rehab Centers:

Mrs. Geraldine Strickland (Emeritus Asst. Living), Mrs. Ophelia Jennings (Graceland Nursing Ctr), Mrs. Mae
Perrie (Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab Ctr) Mr. Floyd Shavers (Metro Community Care Home) Mrs. Cologene
White (Quince Nursing & Rehab Ctr) Mrs. Mariah Wilks (Spring Gate & Rehab Ctr) 

Ill at Home:

Mrs. Audrey Allen, Mr. Herbert Allen, Mrs. Gloria Alsandor, Mr. Vandy Banes, Mr. Gerald Bond, Mrs. Yvonne Lomax Bradford, Mrs. Gladys Broadnax, Mr. George Coleman, Mrs. Mildred Couch, Mr. Clifford Crawford, Mrs. Christine Crawford, Mr. Robert Crowley, Ms. Judith Epps, Mrs. Laverne Fisher, Mrs. Vivian Garmon, Mr. William Harris, Mr. Darrell Hollimon, Mrs. Joyce Hutch, Mrs. Jenny Marshall, Mrs. Grace Milburn, Mrs. Mary Monroe, Mrs. Maurice McDonald, Mrs. Florine McMillan, Mrs. Maria Pinkston, Mrs. Lillie Robinson, Mrs. Katherine Terry, Mrs. Theresa Varnado, Mrs. Gwen Walton, Mr. Eric Wells, Mr. Joe L. White, Mr. Robert Yarbrough 

Pray For Those That Have Gone Before Us
September 28 - October 4 Sophie Porter, 1952; Ashton Lewis, 1956; Marcella Goodwyn, Myrtle Fox, 1961; Kenneth L. Parson,
1972; Gertrude Herrod, 1976; Furmer Baker, Sr., 1978; Mildred Horton, 1981; Robert Willis, 1983; Samuel McAnulty, 1984; Nolan Pickett, 1988; Yvonne Denise Shine, 1999; Samuel White, Sr., 2005; Robert L. Carpenter, Jr., 2007; Herman Stegall, 2011; Maurice Brown, 2013

St. Augustine Catholic Church WELCOMES YOU to Worship with Us Each Sabbath
Welcome to St. Augustine Catholic Church
A Ministry of the Divine Word  

Sharing Christ through the Word brings comfort to those in need, 
peace to those in pain and builds vibrant Catholic communities of faith.


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We exist as a community of faith to serve anyone who wishes
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Our worship practices and the reasons behind them reflect
our belief in the Christian Way,
as manifested through the Catholic Church.

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Weekday Mass - Tues 9:30am & Thursday 12:05pm in the Chapel
Monthly Adoration - Mark the Calendar!
Holy Hour:  The next Holy Hour will be held on Thursday night, November 7, at 6:30 p.m. in the Archbishop Lyke Chapel.  Plan to come and spend time with the Eucharistic Lord at Holy Hour and deepen your ongoing prayer life.
Jeremiah 1:5 - "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." A case against abortion.
Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." No need to fear.

A Big welcome to the Women of Cursillo #100

1st row: Fannie Shelton, Debra Carter, Mercedes Sablan, Marjorie Kagoo, Marlene Blake, Joi Rodriquez.

2nd row: Sandra Storms, Jamie Byrd, Judy Longoria, Stacy Montegut, Laverne Randolph, Jeanice Spencer, Diana Angelici.

3rd row: Celestine Evans, Mary Bailey, Cayce Pappas, Darlene Nevle, Doris Kennedy, Kathy Jones, Lisa Hord, Fr. Rick Mickey.

4th row: Jeni McBride, Adrien Alsobrook, Nellie Diaz, Brenda Kindelan, Karen Bobbitt, Ashley Baker, Kristie Lyons, Dana Sloyan, Elizabeth Orians. 

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